A Ministry of Physical & Spiritual Healing

The Faith Clinic began as a dream in 2010. After many months of prayer, the Clinic began operation at Central Baptist Church on April 16, 2011. It was a glorious night as nine patients were served. Since then, the client list has grown tremendously. It continues to grow today. At each appointment, one of our Faith Clinic volunteers takes time to get to know each client personally and offers to pray with, and for, that person. From that humble beginning many personal relationships have grown.

The target group for the Faith Clinic consists of those persons whose income is too low to purchase medical insurance, and too high to receive government assistance. According to census figures, Harrison County has a very large population of potential patients.

Now operating independently of CBC,  the Faith Clinic staff consists of over 50 volunteers including doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, greeters, paperwork specialists, security, and prayer partners.  Central Baptist continues to support the Faith Clinic through prayer and this space on our website.

In July, 2012, the Faith Clinic moved into newer and larger headquarters at Mission Marshall. This new location offers more space for all areas of service provided by the Clinic.

The Faith Clinic is currently treating individuals with chronic illnesses such as: High blood pressure, diabetes, C.O.P.D., and other minor illnesses.

The Faith Clinic meets each 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening from 6:30 til 8:30, by appointment only.

Contact information: Faith Clinic @ Mission Marshall

2109 South Washington   –   Marshall, TX 75670   –   903-472-4445